Dac North Star Design Intenso

Previos Berriatua, Vizcaya, España
600 €


Intenso DAC combines the North Star Design Philosophy at the lowest possible price. Every single part is optimized to get the best of value for money. Like the units of the family it has a USB port that handles digital audio in PCM up to 384kHz 32-bit and DSD up to 11,2Mbit/s.
Intenso DAC is for anyone who wants to enter the world North Star Design without spending large sums, taking home an incredibly rich and dynamic sound.

Technical specifications

* Digital input frequency : 44.1 kHz to 384kHz, up to 32 bit – native DSD x64 – x128 - x256 (352,8-384kHz and native DSD on USB only)

* Dinamic range : 122dB

* Distortion : 0,001% 0dB

* Digital input : 5 S/PDIF (2 RCA coax, 3 Toslink) 1 USB 2.0

* Analogue output unbalanced : 1 pair per channel on RCA connectors

* Main voltage / consuption : 230/115V 50/60Hz 7W – Stand-by 0,5W

* Dimension : 12in (W) x 7.5in (D) x 2.3 in (H) - 30cm (W) x 17cm (D) x 6cm (H)

* Weights : 6.8lbs. (3,2Kg)

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