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If you're looking for a great sounding, attractively priced acoustic guitar that's easy to play too, then your search is over. The GA6 from Crafter is a beautifully shaped steel-string guitar with a bright, full sound. The 21-fret neck is easy to play with the binding offering extra playing comfort. With a width of 43mm, the neck is suitable for those with smaller hands too. Whether you're young or old, a beginner or an advanced guitarist, the Crafter GA6/N offers you a world of musical possibilities.

Crafter GA6: solid top Grand Auditorium
The GA6/N's top is made of solid Canadian spruce, also known as Sitka spruce. This type of wood produces a firm, balanced tone favoured by Bluegrass guitarists. The body shape of this model is known as Grand Auditorium which is similar in size to a traditional dreadnought but has a smaller waist. It gives the guitar a smaller appearance and sits comfortably on your lap. The sound produced is also brighter with more sparkle which is perfect for finger pickers or players who want to cut through the mix more clearly when playing with others.

Quick string changes and improved tuning stability The Crafter GA6/N is fitted with sealed self-lubricating machine heads that improve tuning stability. The closed construction prevents dust and dirt from getting in, while the lubrication ensures a long life. The GA6 is also equipped with Crafter's newly designed bridge pins that stay in place well but are also easier to remove when you need to change your strings.

Specifications Product features

Number frets 21
Number of strings 6
Body construction solid top
Wood type (back) mahogany
Fretboard wood rosewood
Wood type (soundboard) spruce
Wood type (sides) mahogan
Colour wood/natural
Body type 000 / 0M / orchestra / auditorium

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