Etapas Nobsound 300B

Amplificadores Madrid, Madrid, España
490 €


En perfecto estado y muy poco uso. Con embalaje original, preferible entrega en mano.

1. Filament voltage balance adjustment knob: improve the signal-to-noise ratio by adjusting the parameter error of vacuum tubes.
2. Input voltage switch: 110V and 200V switch, more convenient to use.
Tube version: PSVANE 300B: PSVANE 300B ×2, Soviet Union 6SN7 ×2, Soviet Union 5U4C ×2
Independent mono design: with independent power supply and signal ground wire, deeper degree of separation than most amplifiers on the market which can bring much stronger sound filed.
Higher sound quality: single-ended class A circuit, with lower distortion, clearer sound, richer details, frequency bandwidth, good ductility of treble and bass make sound more dynamic and the sound filed more deeper providing wonderful listening feast.
Lossless audio quality and little noise: multistage CLC filter circuit makes background more quiet and the details more excellent; adopting high and low voltage winding power supply independently to achieve higher output power.
High-end Material: Japan Z11 Transformer, Philips, Siemens capacitors with high voltage; German red WIMA capacitor with good density of sound field, Japan ALPS27 potentiometer, US 24K gold-plated connection terminals and so on.
Type: Single-Ended Class A
Output power: 10W×2
Input sensitivity: 500mV-2000mV
Input impedance: 100KΩ
Frequency response: 20HZ-30KHZ
Signal to noise ratio: 98dB
Volume (W×H×D): 102 × 335 × 352 mm (excluding the Protruding part)
Weight: 24KG
Packing list
1 pair * Amplifier
1 pair * Power cord
2 * PSVANE 300B tube
2* 6SN7 tube
2* 5U4C tube

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