Parasound Halo (Integrated)

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La condición cosmética de esta unidad es como se muestra en las fotos, y en excelente estado de funcionamiento.

Este dispositivo es parte de nuestro stock ex-demo y puede ser demostrado jugando en nuestra tienda.


From Positive Feedback :

"The Halo Integrated Amplifier is a handsome unit with a clean and almost symmetrical face. On the left side there is a 3.5mm headphone jack (with a dedicated high-current amp using the TI TPA6120 chip), a 3.5mm auxiliary input, the IR sensor for the remote, small bass and treble adjustment knobs, and a tone defeat button to disable the bass and treble controls.

I appreciate the attention to audio purity via a complete bypass of the tone controls, while still providing the ability to compensate somewhat for less than ideal room acoustics. On the right side are the input selector, sub level, and balance knobs, and the larger volume knob with an illuminated position indicator.

Along the bottom of the faceplate are the illuminated power button, 11 input LED indicators, and an illuminated mute button. While the faceplate gives a clean look, the text is very small (ie. if you have reading glasses you'll need them!).

The half-moon recess along the bottom gives a nice look and subtle back-lit blue glow for the on-off and mute buttons, but the recessed input LED indicators cannot be seen from directly above the unit. "


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