Etapa multicanal Primare A30.5

Amplificadores Burgos, España
950 €


Etapa multicanal Primare A30.5, 5 transformadores, recien revisada en servicio tecnico oficial. 950 €

High Current Multi-channel Power Amplifier. 5 x 120W.
A fundamental component of high quality sound reproduction, whether it is movie sound or music, is amplifier power. The explosive energy of an action soundtrack or the finely detailed complexion of the human voice must be reproduced with authenticity. This is a test of quality for any amplifier, especially in home theatre, where five channels of sound require identical resources.

Each of the channels within the A30.5 provides incredible current delivery at an outstanding level of quality. Each has its own transformer and power supply, making it identical to the four other amplifiers, but also electronically independent. By taking this meticulous approach, Primare has endowed the A30.5 with optimum stability and channel separation, giving a cleaner, clearer, more accurately defined sound.

The A30.5's generously specified heat sink ensures excellent heat dissipation, creating the best possible conditions for perfect performance year after year. For operational convenience, A30.5's intelligent stand-by switch can be controlled from the Primare SP31.7 processor and the system remote control.

The A30.5 is simply a glorious piece of hi-fi, configured for today's five channel requirements.

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