Marantz PM-11 S1

Amplificadores Valencia, España
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Marantz PM-11 S1
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PM-11S1 Integrated stereo amplifier. 100W x 2 Derived from legends and build for the audiophile purists the PM-11S1 will leave you breathless. Every aspect of the design and construction of the PM-11S1 stereo amplifier has received our top engineers personal attention to attain uncompromised quality. The copper-plated chassis and rear panel reduce signal-degrading electromagnetic interference, while its rigid chassis and solid aluminum case virtually eliminate mechanical vibration. A 3-stage construction with full Current Feedback and with short, symmetrical signal paths, independent left and right heatsinks, and new Current Feedback HDAMs ensure dynamic sound and perfect stereo imaging. Its newly developed low impedance, widebandwidth power supply ensures a massive reserve of energy, to drive even difficult speakers with ease. A floating control bus provides the possibility to lift your experience from stereo to multichannel in combination with 2 additional amplifiers. To accommodate the ultimate audiophile requirement we have included a top quality MM/MC phono stage. The MC headamp employs the traditional HDAM and the MM is designed using the newly developed HDAM SA. FEATURES Channels 2 Current Feedback Topology • Class A Amplification - Linear Drive Power Supply • CCNE • Liniear volume control • Floating control bus system • Power Transformer: Super-ring / Toroidal / El •/-/- Choke input • Shottky diodes • HDAM: Standard / SA / SA2 / Current Feedback -/-/•/• HDAM cover: Gold plated / Copper plated / Metal /plastic / no shield Plastic Input buffer amp (all inputs) all Construction: Twin mono / 3-Stage circuit -/• Symmetric PCB Layout • System block shielding: Copper / metal / none •/-/- Chassis : Die-cast / Copper plated / Metal -/•/• Double Layer Bottom Plate • High Grade Audio Components • Customised Components • BTL Possibility - Current Feedback phono equalizer Vert. Bi-amping • • Balance / Bass / Treble / Loudness •/•/•/- Source Direct • Separate Solid Heat Sinks • Speaker A/B • Record Selector: full / copy-source -/• Tape Monitor - Auto Power On/Off - Low noise LCD display • Temperature Gauge - Standby Mode - SPECIFICATIONS Power Output (8/4 Ohm RMS) 100/200 Watts Frequency Range 5Hz-40KHz(8ohms,0.05%) Frequency Response 5Hz-100kHz +/-3dB Total Harmonic Distortion 0.01% Bridged Power Output (8 Ohm RMS) - Damping Factor 110 Input Sensitivity: MM 2.5mV / 47kOhm Input Sensitivity: MC 230µV/100Ohm Input Sensitivity: High level 220mV / 10kOhm Signal to Noise Ratio: High level 112dB Signal to Noise Ratio: MM/MC 88/74 dB

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PM-11 S1
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