New Audio Frontiers Amati, previo a valvulas

Pre Amplifiers Barcelona, Barcelona, España
2.900 €


Hecho a mano en Italia, de muy alta gama. raras de segunda mano. un año de edad.

7000 Euros nuevo.

Visible en Barcelona.

New Audio Frontiers Amati Tube Preamplifier. Hand built in italy, masterpiece of super high end. As new, gently used.

Original box, paperwork and remote.

Over 6000 Euros new.

Project Description

The new line preamplifier AMATI represents the moment of synthesis between the search for new solutions and the creation of a system of the highest quality. The particular circuit adopted means that the frequency response of the preamplifier allows the correct reproduction from the lowest frequency up to the maximum audible. The scene is filled with a reproduction of low notes well articulated, the upper medium band is distinguished especially for its sophistication and let the music flow without any harshness offering a rare example of sound holography and great musical breath, all this means that this preamplifier is rightly placed among the best in class, in line with the production of the New Audio Frontiers. When the design is accurate and the quality of the materials is the best available on the market, the result is a device that has all the qualities that a discerning audiophile can look for. The care in designing, through the by-pass valve (EL34) and the control valve (ECF82) makes very minimal (inaudible) any ripple induced from the mains. The amplifying valve of each channel is the 6DJ8 (well known for its low noise) that is used with a circuit designed to have the widest bandwidth while minimizing the noise induced by the heaters which are fed in direct current.

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